Kaia S.

Alicia is willing to meet me, where I'm at in a learning curve of emotional/spiritual process and wastes no time getting to the heart of a matter. The degree to which she has clarity and perception has been so precise it's breathtaking in a session. I've learned a great deal about myself on a deep level in a very short amount of time, thanks to her powerful classes. Alicia is honestly one of the most gifted people I've ever met in this field of personal/spiritual growth. I am constantly growing in appreciation for her skill set and example.

Tamara R.

Alicia has unbelievable gifts when it comes to intuition and healing. I cannot thank her enough for helping to guide my family through the loss of our beloved pet. Her skill of sight, compassion and clarity gave us so much peace amidst our grief. I recommend her highly to anyone looking to have more insight into themselves, their emotions and how they relate to the people and animals around them.

Laura Prather

Alicia is amazing. She knew things about me I had never told anyone. I have been to many of Alicia’s events and always learn some new and different. When you have something in the back of your mind but u just can’t put your finger on it, Alicia helps you pinpoint it. I always feel more energized and happy when I leave our sessions. Can’t wait to go to the next event!!

Susan DuFault, ULLC, Life Coach

Alicia has an incredible gift for freeing her clients from fear and doubt. In her work with me doing entity clearings and body processes, she helped me see my limiting beliefs.  Through the application of her talents, I am more grounded, better able to serve my clients and to grow my business. An incredible experience and a wise investment in self-care for anyone!

Cheri Sadler

I recently attended an Access Bars class facilitated by Alicia Sweezer.  I left the class feeling so much better than when I arrived!  I learned many new tools that help me feel better (the bars).  Alicia is a fantastic facilitator.  She knows this work so well, her confidence made me trust her right away.  She teaches us the history and how the Bars work THEN the fun part, running our Bars on each other!  Hands on is the best way to learn, and Alicia was so good at helping that I felt loved and supported during the whole class.  I would highly recommend this class for those of you who want to dedicate a day to your healing that really will last a lifetime!

Donna Vogel

I saw Alicia about a week after my 90 yr old mother had passed away. In the session, she mentioned that mom hadn't yet crossed over. In hindsight, this was not a surprise. Mom had a message to deliver and she wasn't leaving until that was done. Through Alicia, she was finally able to deliver it. Alicia then aided her in crossing over. When you know death is imminent, you have time for good-byes, I love you's, sharing tears and sharing good memories. All of these lead to a comfort in a time of such sorrow. Alicia's conversation with mom, and helping her cross over, brought a comfort to me that I didn't know I still needed. Alicia's kindness and compassion are an additional blessings.  Alicia, thank you.